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Show/Hide Bibliographic Information Title Statement:   Artificial transmission lines for RF and microwave applications / Ferran Martin
Show/Hide Bibliographic Information Author:   Martín, Ferran
blank Title Statement:   Artificial transmission lines for RF and microwave applications / Ferran Martin
blank Published:   Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, c2015
blank Description:   xix, 520 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
blank Series:   (Wiley series in microwave and optical engineering)
blank ISBN:   ISBN 9781118487600 (hardback)
blank ISBN:   ISBN 978-1-118-48760-0 (hardback) : [285.40 лв.]
blank Bibliography Note:   Includes bibliographical references and index
blank Contents Note:   Machine generated contents note: Preface Acknowledgments 1. Fundamentals of Planar Transmission Lines 1.1 Planar transmission lines, distributed circuits and artificial transmission lines 1.2 Distributed circuit analysis and main transmission line parameters 1.3 Loaded (terminated) transmission lines 1.4 Lossy transmission lines 1.5 Comparative analysis of planar transmission lines 1.6 Some illustrative applications of planar transmission lines References 2. Artificial Transmission Lines based on Periodic Structures 2.1 Introduction and scope 2.2 Floquet analysis of periodic structures 2.3 The transfer matrix method 2.4 Coupled mode theory 2.5 Applications References 3. Metamaterial Transmission Lines: Fundamentals, Theory, Circuit Models, and Main Implementations 3.1 Introduction, terminology, and scope 3.2 Effective medium metamaterials 3.3 Electrically small resonators for metamaterials and microwave circuit design 3.4 Canonical models of metamaterial transmission lines 3.5 Implementation of metamaterial transmission lines and lumped element equivalent circuit models References 4. Metamaterial Transmission Lines: RF/Microwave Applications 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Applications of CRLH transmission lines 4.3 Transmission lines with metamaterial loading and applications References 5. Reconfigurable, Tunable and Nonlinear Artificial Transmission Lines 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Materials, components and technologies to implement tunable devices 5.3 Tunable and reconfigurable metamaterial transmission lines and applications 5.4 Nonlinear transmission lines (NLTLs) References 6. Other Advanced Transmission Lines 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Magnetoinductive-wave (MIW) and electroinductive-wave (EIW) delay lines 6.3 Balanced transmission lines with common-mode suppression 6.4 Wideband artificial transmission lines 6.5 Substrate integrated waveguides (SIW) and their application to metamaterial transmission lines References Appendixes Appendix A. Equivalence between plane wave propagation in source-free, linear, isotropic and homogeneous media, TEM wave propagation in transmission lines and wave propagation in transmission lines described by its distributed circuit model Appendix B. The Smith Chart Appendix C. The scattering matrix Appendix D. Current density distribution in a conductor Appendix E. Derivation of the simplified coupled mode equations and coupling coefficient from the distributed circuit model of a transmission line Appendix F. Averaging the effective dielectric constant in EBG-based transmission lines Appendix G. Parameter extraction G.1 Parameter extraction in CSRR-loaded lines G.2 Parameter extraction in SRR-loaded lines G.3 Parameter extraction in OSRR-loaded lines G.4 Parameter extraction in OCSRR-loaded lines Appendix H. Synthesis of resonant type metamaterial transmission lines by means of Aggressive Space Mapping (ASM) H.1 General formulation of ASM H.2 Determination of the convergence region in the coarse model space H.3 Determination of the initial layout H.4 The core ASM algorithm H.5 Illustrative examples and convergence speed Appendix I. Conditions to obtain all-pass X-type and bridged-T networks Index .
blank Summary, Etc. Note:   Summary: "This book presents and discusses alternatives to ordinary transmission lines for the design and implementation of advanced RF/microwave components in planar technology"--Provided by publisher.
blank Elect. Loc./Access:   Cover image http://catalogimages.wiley.com/images/db/jimages/9781118487600.jpg
blank Index - Uncontrolled:   Radio lines
blank Index - Uncontrolled:   Microwave transmission lines
blank Сигнатура:   Ч 621.396.029/M 35
blank Местоположение:   БИЦ - Свободен достъп
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